With our watchlist functionality you get complete flexibility to monitor securities that might be of interest.  Because our focus is on providing you with timely, unbiased advice, you have the ability to seek that advice across over 65,000 securities from 47 markets in order to make an educated selection based on your own factors plus those that Alphie TM considers.  Dependent upon the subscription profile you create, you may manage up to 10 watchlists each containing 20 securities across any number of markets giving you the flexibility you need to make the right decisions on which securities make it into your portfolio.

Using your watchlists, monitor potential investment ideas or investment themes.  Access Alphie TM’s views, news and analysis into each of the securities.  The breadth of the information available to you includes:

  • indicative VaR (calculated to a 95% confidence level using the Historical Simulation methodology);
  • Alphie TM forecasted price points for 15, 30 and 90 day time horizons
  • actual gains/losses for 1 day and 5 consecutive days
  • Indicative volatility
  • Forecasted 1 week and 1 year gain/loss
  • Current volatility
  • 90 days actual closing prices