What do you get?

Alphie offers subscription services and features for professional investors

Alphie Picks

Alphie, the robo interface to selfiewealth’s Artificial Intelligence platform, produces daily forecasts on equities, bonds, currencies, ETFs and mutual funds

As your interactions with the platform increase, Alphie learns your investment style and proposes additions to your watchlist and tailored portfolios

Alphie will also share the key themes and securities ideas that emerge from selfiewealth’s user community

Alphie Global 100

For our users view Alphie’s Top 100 securities, picked from the main markets covered by selfiewealth

See a breakdown by sector and country of the best of Alphie’s Top picks

Gain access to a research platform covering the main AIM indices

Search on individual securities for accurate and succinct advice with an average forecast accuracy of over 65%


With our watchlist functionality you have complete flexibility to monitor securities that may be of interest

We provide you with timely, unbiased advice which is accessible across over 60,000 securities from 47 markets in order to help you make educated decisions

You may manage up to 10 watchlists each containing up to 20 securities across any number of markets

Use your watchlists to monitor potential investment ideas or themes. Access Alphie’s views, news and analysis

Alphie News

As a user of the selfiewealth platform, you have access to the wealth and robo insights generated by Alphie, selfiewealth’s robo interface

Our users have regular access to our newsletters which cover a wide range of topics ranging from individual securities analysis to macro commentaries

Users have the ability to drill into an extensive database of individual securities and the opportunity to explore a number of indicators generated by Alphie

Alphie portfolio

Alphie™, the robo interface to AlphieWealth’s Artificial Intelligence platform, offers users exclusive robo portfolios on the following stock markets, including 15,30,90 day forecasts: UK, USA. Further AI driven portfolios will be available soon. Stay tuned.

AI driven portfolios

UK, USA and more (coming) stock markets

15, 30, 90 days forecasts

Global research

The selfiewealth platform is driven by an extensive database of over 60,000+ securities from 47 markets