Portfolio Construction

Our focus is on providing you with timely, unbiased investment recommendations generated by our proprietary algorithms catered for your risk appetite.  We endeavour to ensure we regularly update Alphie TM’s portfolio choices to ensure your overall portfolio risk does not increase.  Alphie TM uses time based or threshold based portfolio rebalancing strategies across the terms you set in order to deliver you an optimal portfolio.

With access to over 65, 000 securities from 47 markets including equities, bonds, currencies, commodities, ETFs and mutual funds, use SelfieWealth’s toolkit to manage your portfolio.

So, engage with Alphie TM to either create your own portfolio consisting of up to 20 securities by adding those recommended by Alphie TM, or let Alphie TM generate a model portfolio for you based upon your risk profile.  Once your portfolio is in place, our tool kit allows you the flexibility to optimise and monitor the P&L of your portfolio and evolve and customise it using your choices or other Alphie TM picks.

For each security, our AI platform generates research data.  This includes forecasts as to potential gains from long and short ideas and other investment indicators:

  • indicative VaR (calculated to a 95% confidence level using the Historical Simulation methodology);
  • Alphie TM forecasted price points for 15, 30 and 90 day time horizons
  • actual gains/losses for 1 day and 5 consecutive days
  • Indicative volatility
  • Forecasted 1 week and 1 year gain/loss
  • Current volatility
  • 90 days actual closing prices