News and robo insights

As a user of the SelfieWealth platform, you have access to the wealth of news and robo insights generated by Alphie TM, SelfieWealth’s robo interface.

Each day, our users can view newsletters covering a wide range of topics ranging from individual securities analyses to macro commentaries.  Dependent upon the subscription profile you create, you will have the ability to drill into an extensive database of individual securities and the opportunity to explore any of the following investment indicators that Alphie TM generates:

  • indicative VaR (calculated to a 95% confidence level using the Historical Simulation methodology);
  • Alphie TM forecasted price points for 15, 30 and 90 day time horizons
  • actual gains/losses for 1 day and 5 consecutive days
  • Indicative volatility
  • Forecasted 1 week and 1 year gain/loss
  • Current volatility
  • 90 days actual closing prices