Global Research

Within the SelfieWealth platform, there is an extensive database of over 65, 000 securities from 47 markets.  Our unique, easy search functionality allows you fast access to the extensive technical financial research on any of the securities covered by Alphie TM.  In addition, Alphie TM works with you to understand your investment style and proposes new investment ideas and forecasts for your attention dependent upon whether you want to buy or sell, go long or short, or if your interest is in small, medium and large capital securities.  Alphie TM will also highlight trending investment ideas from the SelfieWealth community

As part of SelfieWealth’s research coverage, Alphie TM generates:

  • indicative VaR (calculated to a 95% confidence level using the Historical Simulation methodology);
  • Alphie TM forecasted price points for 15, 30 and 90 day time horizons
  • actual gains/losses for 1 day and 5 consecutive days
  • Indicative volatility
  • Forecasted 1 week and 1 year gain/loss
  • Current volatility
  • 90 days actual closing prices